So many ways to make you look better.

When you have a consultation with Dr. Nick, he will explain all of the applicable procedures available to you and will discuss the best alternatives to fit your needs. This allows patients to fully understand the process and to become comfortable with Dr. Nick's calm manner and professionalism. After working together to make an informed decision, the right outcome will be accomplished in just a few clinic visits.

Dr. Nick will perform preliminary examinations that include x-rays, bite registrations, impressions and models of remaining teeth. A 3D cone beam scan of the jaws may also be needed. We want to make sure that we are recommending the necessary steps and procedures to best satisfy our patients' dental needs.

All of our procedures require basic at-home care. Some services require specific follow-up care with periodic in-office check-ups or adjustments to maintain optimum dental heath. Dr. Nick and his team will give you detailed instructions to help care for your new smile.

We specialize in a number of services including:
Bridges, Crowns, Dental Implants, Dentures, Inlays/Onlays, Teeth Whitening Veneers


A bridge is a prosthetic replacement (one tooth or more) fixed to adjacent teeth. A bridge requires healthy adjacent teeth to offer maximum support, and it is usually permanently cemented into position.


Modern materials allow Dr. Nick to resurface the entire tooth visible above the gum line or to merely repair a broken tooth. Although crowns strengthen weakened teeth, they are a viable option only as long as there is enough of the original tooth structure remaining to support the new crown.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are an exciting innovation in dentistry and our signature procedure. Nowhere is modern technology more evident or successful than in dental implants. A small titanium fixture is surgically implanted below the gum tissue and into the jawbone to serve as a root for a prosthetic crown (the visible part of a tooth). Such implants are practically indistinguishable from your natural teeth: implants can also help stabilize a partial or complete denture for more confidence when eating or speaking.

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Dentures are prosthetic teeth set into artificial gums. Complete and partial dentures are removable for easier cleaning. When some natural teeth remain, a partial denture can be fitted to replace the missing teeth. A partial denture rests on natural gum tissue and is usually held in place by metal clasps secured to adjacent teeth.


Tooth-colored inlays and onlays are solid one-piece fillings cemented into position on the chewing surface of a tooth. They are pre-molded to fit and are generally used when not enough tooth structure remains to hold a typical filling. An onlay covers more surface area than an inlay.

Tooth Whitening

Would you like your smile to be brighter? Dr. Nick offers one-visit technology that can whiten your teeth up to eight shades in about an hour. He also offers a take-home whitening system that can lighten teeth up to six shades in approximately three nights.


Veneers rejuvenate your appearance by transforming dull and old teeth into younger whiter smiles. A veneer is a thin layer of translucent porcelain bonded to front teeth discolored by age, medication or certain beverages. A veneer strengthens the tooth. This procedure is also effective for closing gaps or covering misshapen or chipped teeth.

Dr. Nick